Featured Image

The Featured Image widget allows you to dynamically insert the image of the post you are in

You can use it in a dedicated template. This way you can format it globally for all those posts that use this template. You can also use it on a page. The result is that its associated image will be displayed.

Basic features:

These are featured basic configuration possibilities:

  • Image Size, the crop size
  • Alignment
  • CSS Effects
  • Link to


  • Size (Width)
  • The Maximum Height
  • Filters Css
  • Blend Mode
  • Border Type
  • Border Radius
  • Padding
  • Box Shadow

Extended features:

1 - Background

By enabling the background option you can transform the image into a background and you can create a uniform frame.

If you enable "Extended Background" you can use the featured image as a real background. This allows you to add texts and other content over it. 

2 - Overlay

You can set a colored overlay or an image used as a pattern over the featured image.

3 - Rollover

If you set the image to be clickable, you'll activate the rollhover, so you'll be able to assign several effects:

  • a background color
  • the overlay variation by color and transparency
  • the variation of the filters (blur, hue, lightness etc.)
  • activate an animation of the entire object
  • a zoom effect that magnifies the image slightly when hovering over

4 - Placeholder

If by chance you still haven't associated an image to your post you can set a placeholder image to avoid an empty space.


If the image is clickable and has a link you can use the following options:

  • the post it is in (Useful when you're using it on a template in a Dynamic Post widget)
  • the Media File itself which will open in lightbox.
  • ACF-URL (if you use Advanced Custom Fields you can use a URL metadata stored in the post)
  • the home page
  • a custom URL (static page)

SETTINGS, other source post

In many of the Post type widget you'll find an extra-tab called Settings where you can select a different data source. By enabling this option you can set the image of a different post to be shown instead of the current image.
This is useful if you want to settle a general image in a page section. This way you can set this condition dynamically instead of setting it statically.

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