POST widgets

All Post type Widgets have specific characteristics that can solve any display or functionality problems.

You can see a typical template built with Post Widgets, each number points out the element used to build it. You can find the list down below.

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The functionalities of every single element are precisely dedicated to the task it must perform. The process you use to build the page requires specific tasks depending on the context in which it is located.

For example: the Date widget must be able to format the way the date is rendered; the featured image, which is the cover image of an article, must be considered as a header to catch attention; if you need to manipulate the taxonomy and manage the terms, you must also consider the associated metadata; You need to make the same considerations for user pages.

How was this page built?

  1. Post Title
  2. Associated Terms and Taxonomy (Tag or Categories)
  3. Post Date
  4. Featured Image, the cover image
  5. Icon format, the settled post format
  6. Breadcrumbs (if you use Yoast plugin, please use its breadcrumbs)
  7. Meta field, any type of associated metadata
  8. Content, your post content
  9. Author meta, the author and his/her user data
  10. Prev Next, post navigation
  11. Dynamic Post, to build lists of items also dynamically related to the post or page you are visiting
  12. Dynamic template, the template you want to display and repeat in all your posts
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