The Breadcrumbs widget allows you to dynamically manage breadcrumbs of the post you are in

You can use it in a dedicated template. This way it will be globally formatted for all posts that use this template.
Or you can use it on a page and the result is that you'll see the shortcut links of the currently set post.


Breadcrumbs are the path that indicates the parent page or the term or category in which the post was archived. They're equivalent to the hierarchical structure of the post in question, an evidence you can verify from the slug/permalink, as well.

Basic Options:

  • Alignment
  • Space


  • Text color
  • Text color - hover
  • Final text Color
  • Typography
  • Typography of Final

Yoast plugin:

By default basic breadcrumbs are created. If you have installed Yoast plugin, Yoast setting will be used.


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