PDF for Elementor Pro Form

This action is available only for the form included on Elementor Pro, which is not included in our plugin.

Enabling this Elementor Pro Form Extension you can find a new "Actions After Submit" called PDF. Add it to "Add Action" multi-select and it will appear.


You can choose between two different converters:

Send PDF through Dynamic Email

If you enable also Dynamic Email as Form Action, then you can use the form Tokens in the email body:
  • [form:pdf], put it everywhere in the email body to send the PDF file as an attachment
  • [form:pdf:url], render the complete url of the PDF file;
  • [form:pdf:url|basename], render the name of the PDF file;
  • [form:pdf:path], render the complete path to the PDF file on the server;
  • [form:pdf:id], render the Media ID of saved PDF in Library;
  • [form:pdf:title], render the Media Title of saved PDF in Library;
  • [form:pdf:description], render the Media Description of saved PDF in Library.

You can combine Tokens to create

or with Custom HTML:
<a href=" [form:pdf:url]">[form:pdf:title]</a>

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