Conditional Fields for Elementor Pro Form

This Extension is available only for the Form included in the paid version of Elementor (Elementor PRO), which is NOT included in our plugin.

NOTE: in Edit mode, all fields will be visible, so the conditions will be applied only on the frontend.

Perfect Integration

Enabling this Elementor PRO Form Extension you can find the new Tab " Condition" in Form Fields Controls and Submit Button section.
  • Always Visible, by default all Form Fields have no conditions for standard behaviour;
  • Show IF, activate the Field only if the conditions are satisfied;
  • Hide IF, deactivate the Field if certain conditions are satisfied.

Single Condition

We frequently use simple conditions, and you can verify that "Multiple conditions" settings are toggled off.
  • Field ID, easy dropdown selection from existant Form Fields (Custom ID) which will be the subject of condition
  • Operator, the control operation will be done on selected field;
    • empty / not empty, check if any value is set for the selected field;
    • equals to / not equals, check if an exact value is set for the selected field;
    • > / >= / < / <=, compare the value set for the selected field with a predefined value (very useful for dates, numbers, etc);
    • contains / not contains, verify if a set value there is a specific substring;
    • is checked / not checked, specif for Checkbox, Acceptance and Radio, if multiple Checkbox you can also define for which specific Value.
  • Value, optional, not all Operator need it, it can be also inserted as Dynamic Tag;
  • Disable only, by default the field which condition is not satisfied is hidden, enabling this setting it will be visible but with HTML attribute disabled.

Multiple Conditions

Sometimes you need something harder and you need to check Multiple Conditions, this lets to consider multiple field values.
  • Fields IDs, a multiselect of Form Fields
  • Operator, as for single condition, you cannot assign once per field (todo...)
  • Multiple Values, write each value per line, in the same order of Field IDs
  • Logic Operator, the logic
    • AND, each condition must be satisfied
    • OR, at least one condition must be satisfied

Submit Button

All display conditions can be applied also to the Submit Button.

See it in action and play with it:

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