Steps for Elementor Pro Form

This Extension is available only for the Form included in the paid version of Elementor (Elementor PRO), which is NOT included in our plugin.

Perfect Integration

We simply added our new functionalities to the existent Elementor PRO form, which is a stable and secure Widget.

Add the Steps

Add new Items form Fields and you will find a new field Type called "Step".

Select it and a specific option for this field will be available:

  • Column Width, the width of the fieldset of this Step;
  • Text Next, the text on the button for the next Step;
  • Text Prev, the text on the button for the previous Step;
  • HTML, an optional custom content that will be displayed on top of the Step.

Position and Group of Steps

It is NECESSARY to put a Step field as a first field in the repeater, and all Fields above will be included into this Step.

Any other Field Step will interrupt the previous and create a new fieldset.


More options

  • Label as Legend, set the Label setted to Field Step as Legend of current Fieldset
  • Show All steps, all fieldsets will be visible at same time and grouped.
  • Enable Step ProgressBar.

Look at the Steps form in action:

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