Enchanted Form for Elementor Pro Form

This Extension is available only for the Form included in paid version of Elementor (Elementor PRO), which is NOT included in our plugin.

When this extension is active it enables multiple new settings for the Elementor PRO Form.

Create your Forms like a Wizard.

Perfect Integration

Continue working with your preferred Widgets using the instruments that you already know.

Field Icon

It lets you decide if adding an optional Icon on every Field:

  • On Label, add the icon before the Label of the field;
  • On Input, add the icon inside the Input of the field.

Check Password on Password Fields

Let user check if they wrote correctly his password.

Select2 on Select Fields

Easily enable Select2 functionality, essential when the field has too many choices.

Inline Align for Checkbox and Radio

If you enable the Inline List on Checkbox or Radio, then you can also decide how to align them:

  • Left ( default);
  • Center;
  • Right;
  • Around;
  • Evenly;
  • Between.

These choices are based on CSS Flexbox Justify-Contet values.

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