CopyPaste Cross-site

Copy & Paste between different sites

Copy your content from a Site to Another with different domain with the simplicity of classic Copy/Paste operation!


Perfect integration with native interface and functionality,
It support native Copy function on all Elements: 

  • Widgets,
  • Columns,
  • Sections,
  • All Page Content

All Browsers support the Copy function.

After Copy in your System Clipboard you will find a Json text, the format on Elementor store all page contents.

You can also save it in a Text file as backup, for a later Paste.

In Context Menu you will find two new voices:

  • Paste from Clipboard
  • Paste Style from Clipboard

Paste from Clipboard

Click on Paste from Clipboard menu voice the data (Widgets, Sections, All pages) stored in your Clipboard will be placed into the current page.

If you can Paste over existent Widget the new content will be added after it, or you can Paste it at the end of the page into New Section block.

After the Paste process you need to save and refresh page to see real Dynamic data if used into the Widgets.

It works as the native Paste voice.

Paste Style from Clipboard

Clicking on Paste Style from Clipboard you can replicate the exact style you setted on an Element in a site to another Element to another site. 

It works as the native Paste Style voice.

Browser Compatibility and Limitations

For security reason imposed by the Browser the DIRECT Past operation are permitted only on HTTPS domains and Localhost sites
and the browser must support new ClipBoard API, so verify actual situation to know if your browser is supported.

The actual situation

  • COPY WORKS on ALL Browsers
  • MANUAL PASTE WORKS on ALL Browsers that don't support ClipBoard API
  • DIRECT PASTE WORKS on Chrome, Opera, Chromium but many other will be ready shortly** (also Firefox is working on)

** The Clipboard API are native Browser feature, not dependent by our plugin, so we cannot estimate an ETA for other browser support.


Only on supported Browsers on Paste action the browser, only at the first time you use it, will prompt a message to ask access to your Clipboard,
so you need to Allow to continue the process of Paste content.


On Browser that won't support direct access to Clipboard data or on a non secure site there is another more step.
Paste the Clipboard content into the Textarea with the classic procedure (click with DX on the Textarea and then Paste, or CTRL+V) and then click on PASTE button.

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