The widget Title allows you to dynamically insert the title of the post you are in.

You can use it in a dedicated template. This way it will be globally formatted for all posts that use this template.
While on a page, you will see the corresponding set title.

Basic features:

 With the fundamental configuration possibilities of the widget Heading you can settle:

  • Tag HTML
  • Typography
  • Text Color
  • Text Shadow
  • Blend Mode

Extended features:

1 - Enable the division

You can settle the divider position:

  • on the left
  • centered
  • on the right
  • above
  • below

  See the DEMO

2 - Enable an image or a gradient masked by the title text

See the DEMO


If the text were to be "clickable and linked" you can choose among these options:

  • the post it is in (ex. This is useful when you're using it on a template in the Dynamic Posts widget)
  • a parent page just in case this post is hierarchical
  • the homepage
  • a custom url

SETTINGS - Other source post

In many of the post-type widget there is an additional tab called Settings, here you can select a different data source. If you want to display a different post title instead of the current title, you can change it by enabling this option and select it from other souces.

This is useful when you want a general title for a page section and  instead of writing it statically you can generate it dynamically.

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