How to RollBack version

From release 1.8.0 we introduce a new automatic system of Backup and easy Rollback of our plugin.

This feature will be available only if in your server is installed ZipArchive PHP library, which is consider a requested Wordpress library.

Safe Upgrade

If you upgrade to new version the plugin will make an automatick backup of current version (for example x.y.z), creating a new zip in /wp-content/backup folder.

If you don't want this features you can disable it from License Tab of plugin Configuration.


After any plugin update you will find a new setting on License Tab of plugin Configuration.
This let you perform an easy Rollback to your previous version. Simple select available versions and click on Rollback NOW.

The Rollback don't make any modification to your DB, but sometimes you need to rebuild your Widgets from a fresh new version.
Once you reinstall old version if you change idea you can return to previous version or update to latest version.

Consider to switch to old version only if the update generate some irreparable errors and you don't need to upgrade.
Otherwise please firstly contact us to resolve the issue!

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