Dynamic Posts - Date Query Filter

Date Query Filter displays posts according to their set date.

You can use 2 possibilities:

  • the publication date set in the post of the publish panel;
  • the date type value of a metaData (the meta must have the standard format Y-m-d H: i: s)
    the metadata can also be ACF, Pods, Toolset or Token.

The Types of Date Filter

We can use:

  • Past;
  • Future (only for Meta Field);
  • Today;
  • Yesterday.

Or a past period based also on quantity:

  • Past Days;
  • Past Weeks;
  • Past Months;
  • Past Years.

Otherwise a date range, from - to

  • Period.

This could be defined with Dynamic Tags from a metaData (also ACF, Pods, Toolset or Token).

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