ACF Google Maps - Markers

The position on the map is identified by a marker. You can choose the shape of it.

ACF FIELD Image Marker

You could use a customized ACF Image Field set to the post in addition to the GoogleMap Field.

The metabox in the management of the single post.

NOTE: If you don't pick any custom image the marker will be the default one from Google Maps.


You can assign me markers dynamically on your template:

1) Click on Dynamic Tags, be sure of having the Marker > Map (ACF) option cleared.

2) Select the dynamic source you want to use for the Markers:

ece8f91fcaad944a98eee3ee04708787.pngWe used the Featured Image from the posts for this example.

3) The Featured Image inside of the post will replace the Marker:

At last the final result, the marker inside of the map, replaced by the featured image:0bd32de601dd8f324c2a24c15c2fe963.png

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