ACF Map InfoWindow

InfoWindow let you generate a Tooltip to display quick data directly above the Marker.

There are different settings based by:

  1. you are using Map in STATIC mode
  2. you are using Map with Query on CPT

1 - Static Map (Address or Lat-Long)

Simple text that you can format with html tags and Dynamic data (Tokens and Shortcode)

That you can style with multiple dedicated settings

Here a simple result:

2 - Dynamic Map with Query on a Custom Post Type

You can customize the style of the panel.

Link to post: on click event on the marker the user will go directly to the post

In case of Query on CPT the InfoWindow will show Dynamic data of the post

You can choose to Render it from:
  • Simple Mode, a wizard mode that let you display the characteristic element of the post
    1. Featured image
    2. Title
    3. Content (or Excerpt)
    4. Read more button linked to the single post

  • HTML with Token, a more advanced way to display whatever you want of the current post
    • custom HTML structure of the block
    • Tokens let you display post meta fields and more

Simple mode

1 - Feature Image

You can choose on two Feature Image display variations:

  • Float: the image will float to the left and the main text to the right
  • Extend: use the Image as background (Attention: height is required)

2 - Post Title

3 - Main Content

4 - Read More button

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