ACF Map Query

Create a Map based on Dynamic points

Using ACF GoogleMaps Field on a specific Post Type like "Stores", you can fetch the coordinates saved for each post and generate a multi marker Map.

1 - Create the Custom Post Type (for example Stores), you can optionally organize the posts with Taxonomies for filtering based on your needs

2 - Create the ACF Field of type [GoogleMap] and associate it to your CPT

3 - Create a Page dedicated to Stores archive visualization where you can put the ACF Map Widget with setting [Use Query] and optionally set also [TAXONOMY] for more results filtering

Query Type

You can select from 3 mode to query the posts:

  1. From Custon Post Type CPT (if the post doesn't contain a valid GoogleMap value it will be ignored)

  2. From an ACF Relationship Field

  3. From a Custom list of Specific Posts

Repeater Type

Create a ACF Repeater with this configuration, where the Repeater field contains a Google Map subfield.

Select Data Type as ACF Map Field,
select the ACF Map Field (the subfield of your repeater)
and enable Multilocations

Now a new settings section will appear,
so choose Repeater as Query Type,
and select the Repeater Field.

Optionally associate Repeater subfields with available InfoWindow elements:

  • Image
  • Title
  • Content
  • Read More, link to another post

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