Dynamic Posts - Post Type Query - Dynamic

This article regards a Post Type Query of Dynamic Posts.

Dynamic mode is essential when you want to build a list of related posts or if you are using it in a template for an Archive. This method will read and dynamically interpret the post you are in, or the term or archive home.

You can choose:

  • if you want to exclude current post;
  • if you want to exclude page parent;
  • exclude one or more posts selecting their title;
  • number of posts to display (-1 means "all");
  • posts offset, exclude latest "X" posts from the loop;
  • order by Post ID | Post Author | Title | Date | Last Modified Date | Parent ID | Random | Comment Count | Menu Order | Meta Value NUM | Meta Value DATE. If you select "Meta Value" you must choose the Meta Field;
  • order ascending or descending.

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