Unleash your power

With PHP Raw widget you can made yourself everything you want.

aNo limit what you can do, easily write the PHP code with an advanced code editor.

You'll have access to all WP functions and datas.

But...with great power comes great watch out from writing dirty code.

In facts this widget has limited access only for Administrator, like WP native Theme Editor.

How-to resolve Fatal errors

In edit mode the widget will not permit to save page while there are present fatal errors in the written code.
So you'll normally do not encounter this kind of problem.

Open your SQL Client*, connect to your DB and show table {TABLE_PREFIX}_postmeta

Filter the view by post_id with the current post ID**
and by meta_key like "_elementor_data":

SELECT meta_value FROM {TABLE_PREFIX}_postmeta WHERE post_id = {ID} AND meta_key LIKE "_elementor_data"

Now you can edit meta_value field*** and fix the code.

* usually hosting provide this service, but you can also use plugin such this:

** it's the number that you can find it in page url when you try to edit it

*** meta_value is stored in Json, so validate it before update with this tool:

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