Modals - Settings

This is the Settings menu of Modals widget.


You can choose between many triggers that activate your popup:

  • On Page Load: the popup is activated during the page load.

    • Hide on scroll: the popup hiding when user scroll page
    • Hide on press ESC: the popup hiding when user press ESC
    • Show PopUp on every page load
  • On Click Button: the popup is activated after the user push button

    You can choose between

    • Text, where you can insert
      • A text or a Dynamic Tags
      • An Icon
      • Button Purpose: decide if this it is a simple CTA button to insert in another popup, no popup will be generated for this widget. If you need to use another element to close modal simply add class .dce-button-close-modal to them

    • Image: you can choose an image to show inside the button
    • Hamburger: choose the type of hamburger between X, Arrow Left, Arrow Right and Fall
  • On Scroll Page: the popup is activated after a number of pixels
  • On Widget Position: the popup is activated when the widget position of popup in your Elementor Page is reached on the screen of the user.

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