Background Canvas

Background Canvas Exploits WebGL Technology and Operates on Canvas Object. When using Threejs, a 3D environment is created. It shows a plane which is orthogonal to the camera and applies an image-based texture.Transformations are processed using the shaders.

The following effects are available

For each effect there are specific parameters that allow you to modulate the result:


This effect reproduces the dithering of printed paper.

  • Shape (Dots, Square);
  • Gray scale;
  • Dot radius.


This effect is characterized by horizontal lines that vibrate reproducing the effect of an old television.

  • Noise Intensity;
  • Scanlines intensity;
  • Scanline count.


It resembles a low resolution image.

  • Pixel size.


It is a creative distortion.

Shift RGB

As its denomination suggests, it is characterized by the Shift of the RGB Channels that compose the image.

  • Amount.


It is a kind of old style black and white dithering effect. 

  • Scale;
  • Angle.
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