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Dynamic Tags

Dynamic Tag

Select a Value from Dynamic Tags feature of the Dynamic Tag field.
WARNING: this is NOT created to use as Media select, use the Dynamic Tags feature to generate a Dynamic value.
The Dynamic Tag setting must become Dynamic like this (you can use Token or any other Dynamic Tag)


You can compare the Dynamic value with multiple comparison operators:
  • Not isset or empty;
  • Valorized with any value, the opposite of the previous condition, so the Dynamic Tag is not empty;
  • Less than;
  • Greater than;
  • Contain;
  • Not Contain;
  • In Array, useful only if the Dynamic Tag retunr an array (like an ACF Gallery or a Token Query);
  • Equal to;
  • Not Equal to.


Most of them require a Value to perform the comparison.
You could also use a Dynamic Value that uses its own Dynamic Tags.


  • Dynamic Tags Token with value [query:post] if Empty:
    display an Element only if no posts are published;
  • Dynamic Tags Token with value [query:post|count] if Greater than a numeric Value:
    display an Element only if there are more than x posts;
  • Dynamic Tags Post Date if Greater than a date Value (in format "Y-m-d H:i:s"):
    display an Element only if Current Post published date is more recent than the specific date;
  • Dynamic Tags Token with value [post:content] Contain a string Value like "DCE":
    display an Element only if Current Post is talking about DCE;
  • Dynamic Tags Woocommerce Product Price is Less than a price Value:
    display an Element which a message that could be applied the shipping costs;
  • Dynamic Tags Request Parameter in Get Equal to "yes":
    display an Element only if in page url there is the get parameter valued "yes".
... there is no limit, you could create your own combination.
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