Animated Text


Type, let you choose the target of animation, select from

  • chars, move every char of the text
  • words, separate the text into words an move each of them
  • lines, separate text on each line break and move each of them
Trigger, decide when the animation start
  • animation, start immediately on page load
  • scroll, wait to start until user scroll over this element


Here you can insert all the texts which be alternated during the animation.
You can set multiple texts, add new one and reorder them with the repeater control.
You can set different Style for each of them playing with standard style controls.

Leave -1 for an infinite loop or set a number of max execution time of the animation.


You can play with both IN and OUT animations.

Animation style, set the position from every element start to execute the animation

Origin, the position of the animation related to the element

Speed, how many quick the single element is animated

Amount, time between an element animation and another element start. On 100 an element will wait for animation end of previous element.

Delay, time in second after the first element animation will start

Easing, the easing effect applied to animation

Equation, the easing equation, see them in action:

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