Dynamic Visibility

Dynamic Visibility lets you decide what will be visible in the frontend, you will exclude visualization for every widget and the entire section. 
Content is not only hidden, it isn't really in HTML, for a lightweight page and secret information.

Why use Dynamic Visibility?

  • work for a new content block in a page and publish it only when you are done;
  • show temporary content, settings by date or a specific period of time;
  • show content only to specific users, sorting it by his role, meta or provenience.

This extension is integrated on Elementor Editor and fit perfectly in all its panels:

  • quick access to Visibility settings from element settings Tabs;

  • quick hide/show element or control which element has Visibility active from the Navigation panel;

  • quick hide/show element from Context menu that appears with just a right click.

Starting Settings



You can enable only wanted Trigger category, for each selected category will be available a new specific Section configuration block. 

How to add multiple Triggers in AND?
When you set the SHOW display mode all triggers work in OR conditions, so normally you can't enable multiple Triggers on the same Element. The solution is set one Trigger to your Element and another one to its wrapper (usually a Column or a dedicated Inner Section). The two triggers will work in AND mode. You can add more levels (to Section and Inner Sections) to set many other AND conditions.

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