Update to new version of ACF Repeater

From version 1.10.0 is available the new version of ACF Repeater and the old version will be deprecated on 31/04/2021.

To update all your instances of ACF Repeater widgets you must click once on "Enable the new version..." on "Other" Settings tab.

What's new?

In the new version, we have removed the display mode " Repeater" and added the new display mode Subfields". This new change will be to improve the loading time of the Elementor editor.
In the old version, if you had many ACF Repeater fields on your site, your Elementor frontend could be stuck.
If you choose the " Repeater" display mode in the old version you must choose your subfields in the new "Subfields" display mode.
If you had " HTML & Tokens" or " Template" display mode in the old version you don't need to do anything.
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