ACF (or PODS or TOOLSET) Relationship Widget​

The ACF (or Pods, or Toolset) Relationship widget let you display related Post object (single or multiple)
defined in a Relationship field of current post.

Invert direction

ACF Relationship doesn't support natively Many-to-Many relations, but our widget can simulate and resolve it!

EXAMPLE: if you have associated the Authors to the Books with an ACF Field stored in Books CPT, normally you can only list the Authors in Books single page.
With this Inverted direction setting you will be able to list all Books associated to Authors in the Authors single page.

Custom Layout

With a custom presentation layout:

  • Title list, optionally linked
  • HTML with Tokens, to create your own structure
  • Elementor Template, for a fully advanced and stylized block

For more complete solution you can use dynamic data of related post
to build complex structure rendered as:

  • Natural, for element in the same wrapper
  • List, unordered and ordered
  • Grid, display in columns as a grid
  • Accordion, as collapsible accordion panels
  • Select, a form select that let user to select one of the related post
  • Tabs (horizontal and vertical), useful and the most used

External documentation

This is the documentation of the considered ACF field:

This is the documentation of the considered PODS field:

This is the documentation of the considered TOOLSET field:


Here a widget working example:

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