Visibility Triggers - Custom Condition

Write your own conditions with no limits!

If you has a more complicated situation that you can't handle with prebuild triggers

then you can write your own conditions in freedom with some PHP code.

You have full access to Wordpress function and PHP power.

NOTE: please do not try to write code if you are not a developer.

Prevent Errors

Enabling this setting it will execute code externally in secure mode without throw possible FATAL error.
IMPORTANT NOTE: if you want access to current page data and context you need to disable it.
WARNING: if it's disabled a wrong code can broke this page, check if code is correct before saving.
Read howto solve Fatal errors:


  • connect to an external database or API (like weather) and show different content base external temperature
  • check the value of multiple post meta data and show element if them satisfy your defined criteria
  • infinite possibilities...

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