With this widget you can display a spherical 360 degrees picture. You can move inside with drag and drop on desktop, with device orientation on tablet and smartphone, or through VR mode. 



  1. Panorama image: the image of the scene. For the best result the image must to be an 360 degrees picture.
  2. Scene height: you can set the height of the scene in fixed or relative size


  1. Full screen: if enabled the picture is shown as fullscreen in your browser
  2. VR mode UI: if enabled your are in VR mode as default, you can use virtual reality headset with smartphone
  3. Keyboard shortcuts: if enabled allow use to key 'F' to enter in VR mode
  4. Reverse mouse control: if enabled you can move inside the picture with inverted movement, the best way

How to create your 360 Panorama image

Please follow this detailed guide:


Here a working example

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