Parent Child Menu

Parent Child menu widget allow you to show a navigation menu on your page, starting from your settings in the "Wordpress Page Attributes" block. You can also set a lot of options, look below. 

Menu of pages from parent

  1. Dynamic page parent/child: if enabled the menu will build starting from current page.
  2. Use second level: if enabled the depth of your menu will be 2.
  3. Exclude myself: if enabled the current page will not shown on menu.
  4. Hide siblings: if enabled hide the siblings of the current page (works when Dynamic page parent/child is enabled).
  5. Only children: if enable show only the children (works when Hide siblings is enabled).
  6. Parent page: when Dynamic page parent/child is disabled here you can chose a different parent page for your menu (default is current page).
  7. Style: Horizontal or Vertical menu layout.


  1. Show parent page title: hide or show the parent page title.
  2. Show child list: hide or sho the child list.
  3. Show border: when style is vertical, you can chose the border type of menu.
  4. Show separator: when style is horizontal, you can chose the separator type of menu.
  5. Width: when separator is enabled you can adjust his width.
  6. Force block width: if enabled a container box will contain the menu.
  7. Box width: the width in pixel of the container box.
  8. Text alignment: the alignment of menu voices


  1. Header space: the space around the header (for example the parent page title).
  2. List space: the space between every menu voices.
  3. Indent: the indentations of menu voices.

Space of 2nd level

  1. List space: the space between every menu voices.
  2. Indent: the indentations of menu voices.


Here a working example

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