Taxonomy-Terms Menu

Taxonomy-term List builds an archive type navigation menu.

Based on a taxonomy it generates a list of the terms that belong to them. Each item can be clicked to access easily to the term archive. 

For example, when you need a terms list...

This is perfect for creating a shoulder menu or a site-map on the footer.

You can choose between 2 orientation style: Horizontal and Vertical


  1. Enable Dynamic
  2. Hide Empty

Enable Dynamic

The menu is built by a query that uses the values of the single page where it is displayed.

Hide Empty

Only show terms that have associated posts. If a specific term has no associated items it won't be on the list.


Display options:

  • Show Taxonomy name..
  • Custom Taxonomy Name
  • Show Terms-Child list
  • Show border...

Space options:

  1. Header Space
  2. Items Width (horizontal)
  3. List Space
  4. Indent


AdvancedCustomFields Image

If the term has an ACF field of image type you can add it to the list items.


  • ACF Field: the field you want to show
  • Image Size
  • If it is Block or Inline
  • The space around it
  • Its Size

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