File Browser

Quickly list all Your Files


Select the base folder from:

  • Uploads, select a subfolder of default upload folder (/wp-content/uploads);
  • Custom, select a custom folder from the root of the wp installation;
  • Media Library, select your file directly from the Media Library or in a Post field that contains them;
  • Taxonomy, select a Taxonomy associated to Medias (not WP native) and use it as folder;
  • Post Medias, show all files uploaded to Media Library directly from current post;
  • CSV, read a csv to simulate a full directory with files (stored on server) and folders (virtual).

File tree is Ordered by name Ascending or Descending and Filtered by:
  • Extension , shows only the file type you need, write all extensions separated by a comma (example: pdf, docs, txt);
  • Empty folder, to remove them from the list;
  • Resized Image, to ignore Wordpress image thumbnails that will be automatically generated by system.

Show File Info & Metadata

For every Folder and Files listed you can show:
  • Icon, different by extension and preview icon for images in Media Library;
  • Title, automatic from file name, automatic from Media or Custom;
  • Description, automatic from Media or Custom;
  • File extension, automatic from file;
  • File Size, automatic from the real file size;
  • Download counter, for statistics, increased on every user click.

Search Form

Instant search filter from files title.


Take a look at the example:

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